The 16 Habits of Creative People

Many people believe that creativity is inborn and only a chosen few are creative. While it is true that creativity is inborn, it is not true that only a chosen few are creative. Everyone is born creative. In the process of growing up, educating yourself and adapting yourself to your environment, you slowly add blocks to your creativity and forget that you had it in the first place. The difference between a creative person and a person who is not so creative is not in the creativity that they were born with but in the creativity that they have lost. How can you enhance your creative ability? One possible way is to observe the habits of creative people, identify the ones that you feel will wor

The Inspirational 93 year old yoga teacher

"If you have the right attitude, whatever happens to you in life, if you have the right attitude you will cope," says 93-year-old Iyengar yoga instructor, Vivien Vieritz. (ABC Multiplatform :Janel Shorthouse) Age is no barrier for this 93-year-old yoga teacher. Vivien Vieritz has been practicing yoga for 60 years and teaching it for 50. In her years of practicing yoga, she has perfected the poses and impressed world renown yoga guru Bellur Krishnamachariar Sundararaja Iyengar with her head stands. "It's quite an honor to be a teacher; to help people to help themselves with posture and I really believe that everyone should do yoga for strength as they get older. "I am so strong I cannot belie

Six Movies That You Must Watch This Teachers Day

Because - of the indelible mark they have left on our lives. they implant a thirst for knowledge in us that grow forever. they inject human values into us. they shape and mould future world citizens. Happy Teachers Day to all you Wonderful Teachers! #day #inspiring #learning #movies #mustwatch #teachers

How A Mind Came Back to Life - From A Deep Coma

Imagine being unable to say, "I am hungry," "I am in pain," "thank you," or "I love you,” — losing your ability to communicate, being trapped inside your body, surrounded by people yet utterly alone. For 13 long years, that was Martin Pistorius’s reality. After contracting a brain infection at the age of twelve, Pistorius lost his ability to control his movements and to speak, and eventually he failed every test for mental awareness. He had become a ghost. But then a strange thing started to happen — his mind began to knit itself back together. In this moving talk, Pistorius tells how he freed himself from a life locked inside his own body. Martin Pistorius is a South African freelance web d

How To Get Over Rejection

Being dropped happens to all of us at some point. Learning some simple ways to deal with rejection is really helpful. Sometimes we just need to grieve, listen to melancholic songs, eat delicious food, wallow a while, and then put things in perspective. Rejection is an extremely painful aspect of life. Yet, it need not be a tragedy. Here are some tips to lessen the impact of rejection and help you get back up on your feet:

Scientific Proof about the Chakra System (Energy Centres and Meridians)

NirmitiNidraTM as we know it today, concatenates the tools and techniques of NLP, Hypnosis and Meditation. NLP was primarily based on extensive research and a study of three legendary phenomenal personalities, one of whom was Milton Erickson, the father of modern Hypnotherapy. NLP has its roots in hypnosis and hypnosis has its roots in mesmerism, which in turn has its roots in the chakra system. Please read this article in its entirety. It is one of the lengthiest I have penned but every paragraph is interesting or intriguing. You may also like to click on the links embedded in this post, which would provide you with invaluable information, should you be interested. Keep visiting this bl

Why Everyone Needs a Mentor and How to Find One for Yourself

The most successful people have mentors guiding their progress. A few months ago, Harvard Business Review surveyed 45 CEOs who have formal mentoring arrangements and found out that “71% said they were certain that company performance had improved as a result. Strong majorities reported that they were making better decisions (69%) and more capably fulfilling stakeholder expectations (76%)” The latest influx of B-school graduates are distinguishable by their curiosity and potential. They are enthusiastic, good at networking, probably have honed their interpersonal skills; are eager and impatient, willing to get their hands dirty and more often than not, come up with new ideas and suggestions

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