What is Blockchain - The Omnipresent Database

Whereas Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies have become popular and (in)famous, most people are still perplexed when it comes to understanding Blockchain. In a previous post on this blog, I did mention that it is one of the most important pieces of technology to focus upon for the millennials and Gen Z. The 1970s signalled the ‘Information Age’ and the past few decades have seen massive changes in Technology. From basic gadgets and digital instruments to Immersive Technologies, Virtual Technologies and various digital platforms. This article is an exposition by a non-technical person and an endeavour to explain Blockchain in as simple a manner as is possible. Although it sounds incredibl

The Future of Finance Amidst Digital Transformation

It was an honour to light the lamp of learning at IIMS, Pune and address an audience of 200+ students on the above subject. The Times B School Ranking 2018 places IIMS at 22nd place amongst All India Private B Schools, Business Barons ranks it 23rd. It was also awarded the Best Education Brand 2018 by Economic Times. I belong to Generation X, the period just after the Baby Boomers and almost all the students were in the cusp between Gen Y and Gen Z – I would simply call them the millennials. Generation X, to which I belong, has seen the most dramatic technological changes over the past three decades. We came into the workforce where the most basic of desktop computers had just emerged (m

Top 10 Books for Leaders recommended by Leaders

I scoured the internet to find out what it was that top leaders were reading. Most of the prominent leaders in the world read every single day. You may wish to download the document at the end of this article which is more detailed, meanwhile you can simply skim through this article quickly. In this book, Kahneman exposes certain extraordinary capabilities of fast thinking along with its flaws and biases and explains how it shapes a person’s behaviour and thoughts. Daniel Kahneman is the Senior Scholar at Princeton University and Professor Emeritus of Public Affairs, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. Daniel Kahneman is also an eminent new-age economist and on 2002

The Engineer Who Became a Monk

The first book he publishes on Amazon becomes a bestseller even before it is released – how’s that! In fact (and I don’t think Amazon does this often), the release has been postponed by two weeks to 4 October 2018. This shows the colossal fan following he has gathered over the years through his videos. His #YouTube channel has 106 videos with over 1.15 million subscribers. In fact, I am sure each one of you reading this blog post would have received and/or forwarded his video at least once – circulation of his videos on #WhatsApp has been copious. Gaur Gopal Das, for that is his name, was born in 1973, became an electrical engineer from the College of Engineering, Pune in 1995 and after

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