Learning Was Never This Easy Before

The millennials and Generation Z have an advantage that Generation X never had, although Gen X may still score over the Baby Boomers in that respect. For the discerning person, learning never ends! And the plethora of sites that are now available make it easy, affordable and convenient. Whereas in the past most people gave up the opportunity to learn more about stuff they were curious about, that they needed or that they were simply interested in or passionate about; today almost everyone can simply fulfil this need from the comfort of their home – in fact just about anywhere. Online learning is here and its raining offers even as the first few are trying to gather as many people as possib

10 Amazing Products with Exclusive Offers that people are rushing to buy – here is why

Aroma Diffuser A must-have at home, very economical, virtually zero maintenance, use with your choice of aromatic oils, and any tea-light candles. No smoke or fumes, pleasant aroma throughout your home. No electricity consumption either. Simple, elegant, no wires, easy to use. Pour some water, add six drops of essential oil, light a tea-light candle below and get set for hours of aromatic diffusion. Here is a trick – if you don’t want to invest in essential oils or aromatic oils, use any oil-based perfume (attar) or simply a camphor pellet. Enjoy – currently at 50% discount on Amazon. Amazon Echo Dot This incredibly tiny speaker with responds to voice commands (including an Indian accent),

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