The Busyness Age

The TIMES OF INDIA has called it - 'A mini-bible' for every office worker, executive and B-school student. This concise book is filled with tools, tips and tricks and is completely devoid of unnecessary prose, jargon and technicalities - my endeavour is to help every corporate employee gain control over his life (read work-life balance or work-life continuum) and steer it in the direction one wants. The contemporary work environment today has turned extremely hectic, the ‘tyranny of the urgent’ has you in its vicious grips and the 9 to 5 job metamorphoses into a 24/7. Yet, activity is not equal to productivity. And your dreams and aspirations, your hobbies and your passions need not recede

Copyright © Rajesh Seshadri, 2020
Created By Prakrut Rajesh
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