Of Pandemics and Animals

Whilst blogging on the fact that the latest pandemic has taught us some valuable environmental lessons, it also dawned to me that there seems to be a distinct connection between animals and pandemics. I found this wonderful site which you must browse (I have reproduced one of their infographics below which is relevant to this subject). Then, I set about doing some basic internet research on the causes of these pandemics. In the previous article, I endeavoured to give a different perspective on the lockdown that has been necessitated due to the Corona Virus COVID-19, as it is called. I fervently hope that the honourable world leaders do wake up and realize the positive impact on the enviro

A Different Perspective on COVID-19

No pandemic, plague or epidemic has spread such devastation as the Black Death as far as recorded human history is concerned. Also known as the Great Bubonic Plague or the Pestilence, it resulted in almost 200 million deaths, peaking in Europe from 1347 to 1351. The world population at that time was estimated to be around 500 million and the scourge was believed to have decimated 50-60% of Europe's population. The plague, caused by Yersinia pestis, was carried by ground rodents (rats), including marmots and is believed to have originated in China 2000 years ago as shown by gene sequencing data (see links below for references). It was terrifying contagious - even clothes brushing against o

The Missive Forwarder

A true freight-forwarder does not find cargo, he finds the right client and then, the cargo finds him. A humorous and metaphorical post from a serious blogger. Over the 3 decades that I have spent in full-time employment, I have spent 50% of that time in the freight forwarding industry. Having nothing better to do today after completing my chores and checking my office emails for quadrant one stuff (read urgent and important), I was ruminating on how every person today is similar to a freight forwarder - I call him/her the missive forwarder. One of the activities that engages me for not more than 20-30 minutes each day is forwarding - not freight, but missives. Why do I call it missives a

The Outrageous Art

I picked up both books simultaneously – ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck’ and ‘Everything is F*cked’. Fortunately, I was also able to read them in succession. Notwithstanding the roaring success of both books - the first one I believe did better – undoubtedly the title of the books somehow appear to me to be arrogant and somewhat depressing respectively. It is only as I pored through ‘The Subtle Art’ that I realized there is nothing subtle at all – it is in fact crude and vulgar which I guess appeals to most people whose language and articulation these days seem to be incomplete without the use of expletives or simply rude words. ‘The Subtle Art…’ claims that it is a ‘counterintuitive

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