Dream Psychology


Sigmund Freud founded the psychoanalytic school of psychology and was particularly well known for his focus on the unconscious mind.


Freud believed that the interpretation of dreams were sources of insight in unconscious desires and the unconscious mind. In "Dream Psychology" we have an exploration of Freud's theories on the interpretation of dreams and through the reading of the following nine chapters of this book readers will gain a better understanding of the theories that made Sigmund Freud such an important figure in the world of psychology:


I. Dreams Have a Meaning,

II. The Dream Mechanism,

III. Why the Dream Disguises the Desires,

IV. Dream Analysis,

V. Sex in Dreams,

VI. The Wish in Dreams,

VII. The Function of the Dream,

VIII. The Primary and Secondary Process-Regression, and

IX. The Unconscious and Consciousness-Reality.

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