The Secret to Self Discipline


The Secret to Self-Discipline, a study of 7 principles

1.    The paradox principle
2.    The Buy-In principle
3.    The Magnification principle
4.    The Creation principle
5.    The Harvest principle
6.    The Perspective principle
7.    The Pendulum principle

Today’s work environment has been dubbed everything from the Age of Distraction and the Age of Inattention to The Multitasking Generation. The bottom line is this: regardless of your job title, we are all trying to accomplish increasingly more with increasingly less resources—whether those resources are money, time, focus, or energy. How can we achieve success—however you define it—given these constraints? 

The author, Rory Vaden is Cofounder of Southwestern Consulting, a Self-Discipline Strategist and the New York Times bestselling author of Take the Stairs. 

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