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28 Jan 2019

It is a matter of hours before the next Union Budget is presented. And never has been there a better time to abolish income-tax on salaries once and for all. Despite all the propaganda, it has never resulted in any benefit for the poor. A controversial subject and one...

28 Jan 2019

There is an overdose of information in this age, most of it invalid and not backed by any research whatsoever. The series of MYTHBUSTERS continues.  And the focus continues on two of the largest health epidemics in India, which are actually related – obesity and diabet...

12 Jan 2019

Today, 12 Jan 2019, is the 156th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda.  It reminds me of one of his parables in his book on 'Raja Yoga'. 

There was a monkey, restless by his own nature, as all monkeys are. As if that were not enough someone made him drink freely of wi...

12 Jan 2019

Be very careful how you are talking to yourself - because YOU are listening! The thoughts that prompt you to speak to yourself in a given situation are heard by your subconscious mind. Especially, when you are in a near-trance-like state, it sinks straight in and the s...

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