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One Hundred Inspirational Stories

30 Mar 2020

Whilst blogging on the fact that the latest pandemic has taught us some valuable environmental lessons, it also dawned to me that there seems to be a distinct connection between animals and pandemics.  I found this wonderful site which you must browse (I have reproduc...

29 Mar 2020

No pandemic, plague or epidemic has spread such devastation as the Black Death as far as recorded human history is concerned.  Also known as the Great Bubonic Plague or the Pestilence, it resulted in almost 200 million deaths, peaking in Europe from 1347 to 1351.  The...

17 Dec 2019

The TIMES OF INDIA has called it - 'A mini-bible' for every office worker, executive and B-school student.  This concise book is filled with tools, tips and tricks and is completely devoid of unnecessary prose, jargon and technicalities - my endeavour is to help every...

6 Feb 2019

Almost all the self-help books which pertain to ‘success mechanisms’ have to deal with the mind.  And whenever any mental exercise relates to ‘thought conditioning’ in some form or the other, it always takes me back to Hypnosis.  As a certified hypnotherapist (and do n...

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