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To help people unlock their true potential and live rich, fulfilled lives in a holistic manner!

Who is this for?

Mid-life men and women who are ambitious managers, CXOs, business owners or self-employed professionals who are striving to attain new peaks in their personal life, career or professional / business life whilst seeking to balance the physical, spiritual, emotional, financial and intellectual dimensions of their life.  

An individual reading this has one or more of these attributes -  curious, enthusiastic, open to new experiences, determined, motivated, receptive, educated, skilled, creative, innovative, spiritual, philanthropic, believe in themselves, passionate about their pursuits, ethical and value their life on planet Earth.

TranceFormation is all about helping people -

unlock their true potential
unleash their prowess
transition into C-suite roles
developing leadership gravitas
make a quantum leap in their professional credibility
achieve their dreams
maximize their growth and successes
fulfill their visions
broaden their possibilities for achieving success
expand their thinking,
build on their strengths
enhance the quality of their relationships with colleagues and partners
live to their full potential
mitigate stress & balance their life
find purpose, direction in life
do more with less time/energy
achieve results that speak for themselves


The Coach

  • Certified Leadership Coach ( conferred by Certified Coaches Alliance (CCA) & recognized by ICF (International Coach Federation).  

  • Certified Success Coach 

  • Certified Life Coach. 

  • Certified Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist

  • Certified NLP Master Practitioner

  • Certified Gestalt Practitioner

  • Founder of NirmitiNidra

  • Over 26 years of experience across different industries

  • Over 10 years of experience at the C Suite level.

The Need

Every single person can benefit from Coaching!

Imagine a sports team or an Olympic athlete without a coach. 

Why shouldn't your life be treated with the same care and respect as a sport or competition? 
Isn't your life worth MORE than any sport or activity? 
Your life DESERVES that you give it that much attention and respect. 
Most people that seek personal coaching are actually successful in many areas of their life. 
They seek personal coaching to balance everything together and achieve a higher level of success. 

A coach is a partner who has a vested interest in YOUR success!


Your success is our success.  So we help you in clarifying your priorities, establishing goals, making a plan and achieving them.  We help you in overcoming any challenges that you may have identified. 


Get in Touch

Re-design Your Life

Unleash Your Potential

Banish Your Fears

Achieve Your Dreams

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