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In addition to being a seasoned corporate professional who has risen to seniormost levels over the past two decades, Rajesh Seshadri continues to don multiple hats – that of a life coach, executive coach, mentor, trainer, NLP Master practitioner, facilitator and therapist.  The basket of therapies is holistic and integrative adopting techniques from Psychotherapy, NLP, Silva, Gestalt, Hypnosis and Silva UltraMind.  His LinkedIn profile encapsulates his corporate career.  You can connect with him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter. You can also access his articles here. You can like and subscribe to his pages, NirmitiNidra and Reachout.

He holds various certifications including NLP Master Practitiioner, Life Coaching, Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy, Gestalt, Advanced LOAP and Silva UltraMind.  His academics include a dual PG Diploma in Finance & HRM, a dual masters degree and multiple professional qualifications.  In addition to being a Fellow Member of the ICAI, FCMA, he is also a member of the American Psychological Association (APA), AUNLP (USA), AAH (USA), IPA (Australia), IFA (Australia), IMA (USA), IIA, IOD, AIMA, BMA, ISTD, ISCA, etc.    

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