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Rajesh Seshadri, a seasoned corporate professional of over three decades, wears many hats, seamlessly navigating the realms of life coaching, executive mentoring, training, and therapy. His journey is a transformative exploration of psychological tools, a passionate endeavor dedicated to fostering holistic well-being. Beyond his illustrious corporate career, he is a certified coach, mentor, trainer, and therapist, with expertise spanning various modalities like clinical hypnotherapy, NLP, Gestalt, and his own creation, Nirmiti Nidra.


In his role as a C-suite executive for the past two decades, Rajesh's career has risen to senior-most levels. His LinkedIn profile ( reflects the rich tapestry of his corporate experiences. With a dual PGD in Financial and Human Resource Management and Fellow memberships in prestigious institutes like ICAI-FCMA, IPA, and IFA, Rajesh brings a wealth of knowledge to both corporate and individual spheres.


His holistic and integrative approach to therapies encompasses techniques from Psychotherapy, NLP, Silva, Gestalt, Hypnosis, and Silva UltraMind. The diverse certifications he holds, including NLP Master Practitioner, Life Coaching, Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy, Gestalt, Advanced LOAP, and Silva UltraMind, underline his commitment to continuous learning and professional development.


Passionate about enhancing human lives, Rajesh is affiliated with multiple professional organizations such as APA, AAH, ISTD, IMA, IPA, AIMA, BMA, ICAI, FCMA, and more. His dedication to psychological well-being extends to his use of stories as metaphors in coaching, training, counseling, and corporate mentoring, finding immense value in their transformative power.


Rajesh's academic achievements include a dual PG Diploma in Finance & HRM, a dual master's degree, and multiple professional qualifications. As a Fellow Member of ICAI, FCMA, he combines his financial acumen with a keen understanding of human psychology, creating a unique approach to coaching and therapy.


Join Rajesh on a transformative voyage where ancient wisdom converges with modern psychological tools. Through his blend of coaching, mentoring, and therapeutic techniques, he guides individuals to unleash their potential, achieve loftiest goals, and take steps towards vibrant and balanced lives. Every breath in this journey becomes a rhythmic progression towards personal development, healing, and self-discovery.

Rajesh Seshadri CFO Author Blogger Trainer Coach Mentor Therapist
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