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The Busyness Age

The Busyness Age by Rajesh Seshadri

The TIMES OF INDIA has called it - 'A mini-bible' for every office worker, executive and B-school student. This concise book is filled with tools, tips and tricks and is completely devoid of unnecessary prose, jargon and technicalities - my endeavour is to help every corporate employee gain control over his life (read work-life balance or work-life continuum) and steer it in the direction one wants.

The contemporary work environment today has turned extremely hectic, the ‘tyranny of the urgent’ has you in its vicious grips and the 9 to 5 job metamorphoses into a 24/7. Yet, activity is not equal to productivity. And your dreams and aspirations, your hobbies and your passions need not recede into oblivion. There is always a way, and this book tells you –

  • How to avoid ‘busywork’

  • How to embark on ‘results-based’ living.

  • less.How you can achieve more with

  • How you can enhance your personal productivity.

  • How you can find the extra time you need.

  • How to overcome procrastination, and the secret antidote for it.

  • How you can use the Pomodoro technique to your advantage.

  • How you can use the secret of compartmentalization to your advantage.

  • How to use the power of your mind to gain energy and become more productive.

Filled with tools, tips and tricks in every chapter, this simple book, devoid of jargon and technicalities, is meant for every office worker and executive to gain control over his life and steer it in the direction one wants. It includes an easy and simple self-hypnotic meditation technique, that can be practiced anywhere, anytime.


The intent was to make this book affordable to the masses - and thanks to my publishers Kalamos who made it possible. This compact handbook is now available on Amazon and on other e-commerce websites and is priced at just Rs. 199 for the mass-market paperback edition. For those equipped with a Kindle and prefer an e-book over a paperback, you can grab it here for just Rs. 110. And lastly, for those with a Kindle Unlimited subscription, this book is FREE!

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