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33 Things You Wish You Knew When You Were 21

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

1. Use strength workouts at the gymnasium to gain muscle, diet to burn fat and cardiovascular activity (running, swimming, etc.) to improve your overall health & longevity.

2. Stay away from people who always complain. They are energy vampires. And stop falling into the huge trap where you think it is your responsibility to advice and counsel them. Most of them will not follow your advice anyway.

3. Eat a high protein diet comprised of whole foods – avoid processed food and packaged food.

4. Your best ideas come in the shower, walking, in your bed or in the gym. Memory is fallible Keep a notepad ready.

5. When lifting weights, use your mind to muscle connection (focus) to increase muscle contraction.

6. When you wake up, drink warm water before tea or coffee.

7. The more you criticize others, the more you criticize yourself. If you want to judge yourself less, judge others less.

8. Mouth breathing disrupts sleep, ruins oral health & can cause sleep apnoea, you also often wake up un-refreshed. Mouth taping or using the economical jaw-closer you get online at night helps most people solve this.

9. Avoid fluoride in your toothpaste. Use ones that have hydroxyapatite.

10. Sleep at the same time every day. Align your body with the rising & setting of the sun.

11. Stop comparing yourself with others, start comparing yourself with yourself – as you were one day ago. If you are progressing and getting better, you are awesome! #RunYourOwnRace

12. Stay away from people who gossip. You can only spread negativity when you at first let it enter your heart and mind.

13. Learn a martial art to increase discipline, confidence & coordination.

14. Learn a new skill every few years once you turn 40 years of age.

15. Stop seeking attention. It is never about what others think about you. It is always about how you see yourself. When you lose your self-esteem, you want others to praise you.

16. Take complete ownership for every result in your life. Everything outside of yourself that you blame, you are only telling yourself that it cannot be resolved ever.

17. The best attitude is an attitude of gratitude. Be grateful for everything you have – make a list of it, keep adding to it and look at it every day.

18. Never be in rooms where you're the smartest person. Never work out at gyms where you're the fittest person.

19. Emotion is Energy in Motion. When you feel an emotion don't suppress or numb it. It'll only internalize, grow, and become much worse later. Feel it fully then let it go.

20. You can tell a lot about someone's character by how they treat service staff.

21. When someone confides in you, maintain confidentiality, never break their trust.

22. Practice a little kindness every day. Never feel bad about giving anything.

23. Charity should make you feel grateful that you had the capacity to give. Not proud.

24. Who you choose as a partner will determine your level of peace, wealth & happiness.

25. Reality is only our level of perception. To create a better reality, change your perception.

26. Read at least 10 pages each day. Solve at least two different puzzles every day.

27. You'll never be as young as you are now. Do what you feel you're meant to do.

28. Always remember you have two choices – to do what you like or like what you do.

29. Your best decisions come from stillness, never from chaos or hyperactivity. Silence and stillness are amplified by meditation and being out with nature.

30. Problems are meant to humble you, not tumble you. Eventually, they make you stronger.

31. Trust people who say "I don't know" more than the people who have all the answers. And have the courage to say, “I don’t know” when you don’t.

32. Instead of giving your kids what you wish you had, teach them things you wish you knew.

33. Live a life of purpose. That is the purpose of life. And always be self-dependant.

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