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Did You Know You Think At Six Levels But Are Conscious of Only One of Them

Imagination ALWAYS Wins Over Will-Power! Think about it. You might WILL yourself to not want to indulge in that plate of cookies you know is sitting in your kitchen; after all, you KNOW they won't help you reach your goal of weight-loss, but what is the imagination/your subconscious thinking about? Rich, chocolatey cookies. Which will win in the end? Logic or the imagination? My bet is on imagination/your subconscious, and you are heading for those cookies.

How about those who smoke? We know what logic tells us about smoking, but during certain times of the day, what calls to you? Logic? Nope, the imagination calls...and you submit time and again. You are subconsciously following images that are embedded in your mind; you are confining yourself by the walls those images have built.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a Life Coach, a Therapist or a Buffalo Farmer, you have a have a finite amount of will power at your disposal every day. How much you do have will be dependent on a multitude of reasons other than your genetic predispositions. For example, if you’re tired, drunk, stressed or not feeling very well you’ll have less willpower than if you’re feeling especially bright eyed and bushy tailed.

The former is the reason why people often give in to temptation during such times.

Throw somebody who likes a beer and is trying to quit smoking into a busy smoke filled bar and tell them drinks and smokes are on the house, and there’s a very high probability they’ll cave in.

From a neurological standpoint, at such times you simply don’t have enough glucose in your pre-frontal cortex to help you say no to the pleasure seeking part of your brain, or your nucleus accumbens as it prefers to be known. At such times your brain is diverting all the crucial energy you need for exercising willpower to deal with with your other issues that it sees as more important to your immediate survival.

You can give yourself a short-term boost by consuming a high glucose sports energy drink, but in many respects that is the last thing you want to be doing if you’re tired, stressed or feeling ill, because what your body really needs is sleep. One of the best methods of not falling victim to temptation is to remove it from the equation.

Now this sounds great, but how does this work scientifically? Most sources of self-help tell you "what" you should do. But very few tell you "how" things work. Knowledge is the real key to success. Revolutionary brain-science discoveries have been made in the last few years. In that research lays the proof of the above theory and how we can put this to use in our life to overcome procrastination, and reach transcendent levels of success.

While using a PET scanner to verify that indeed most people solve math problems in the left side of the brain, neuroscientists made a startling discovery. A PET scanner is used to take a scan-image of the brain. The subject is injected with a very small amount of radioactive isotopes, then placed in the scanner, in which an electromagnetic device passes a very thin electromagnetic field through their brain. The part of the brain that is "thinking" at that time will have excess amounts of blood-flow, which, due to the radiation, shows up on the PET scan.

In the math function tests, each of the subject's brain scan lit up in a similar area of their left-brain. But something else occurred that the scientists had not predicted. The brain scan also lit up in 5 other areas of the brain! This was a startling discovery, in that it verified that your brain is constantly "thinking" on six or more levels at once. In additional testing, subjects were given a math problem to solve and a sedative that was slowly increased, until they fell asleep. What happened? The light on the scan image representing the math thinking, went out! But the other five areas of the brain scan that were lit, stayed lit.

CONCLUSION? You are constantly thinking on 6 levels at once, but only at the conscious level, are you aware of your thoughts and ideas. The other five areas are known as your non-conscious brain or what used to be called the subconscious brain by non-neuroscientists. When the scan-light went out for the conscious thinking and math problem-solving, as each subject fell asleep, all of the other areas stayed lit. This means that you are always thinking at your non-conscious levels. No matter that you may be consciously asleep.

Nirmiti Nidra ™ is about accessing those subconscious levels with ease.

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