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How You Can Easily Seek Answers From Your Higher Self

Said Albert Einstein, ”The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.” And some things can never be known except through experience. You can know your ’higher self’ only by experiencing it. Thousands of people may write tomes of books on the subject and can never convince you completely on its existence or non-existence.

So, if you are a life-long student like I am, set sail to experience your higher self. New Age thinkers define the Higher Self as an advanced extension of the self. Old school thinkers may have ascribed various terms to it and described it in multifarious ways. You could decide to call it by various other names, but none of these really matter – what matters is that you experience your Higher Self for Your Self.

The Higher Self is a term associated with multiple belief systems by different names. Simply put, it can be described as an omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient being inseparable from both you or the universe. Whether each individual has his or her own individual Higher Self or whether a group of individuals have a collective Higher Self is again immaterial for the purpose of this article and your experience.

If you were to scour the internet, you would undoubtedly find plenty of material and reports including insightful evidence on this subject. The common thread is that meditation or channeling to connect with the Higher Self is an ideology that is encouraged for the benefits that you can procure. Peace, a greater understanding of life purpose, expanded intuition, obtaining solutions from a higher intelligence, solutions to taxing problems, guidance on decisions are all possible by connecting with your Higher Self consistently.

Even if you do not wish to label this part of yourself as the Higher Self, there is no doubt that connecting with a deeper part of you will be a wonderful experience. And the only way to know that it is wonderful is to experience it. The way to experience it is through your mind, in the Alpha State.

The Alpha state is the state your brain goes into just between being fully awake and totally asleep. It is an actual electrical frequency that is measurable by neurological equipment. By entering the Alpha state, you access your subconscious mind. In future posts, there will definitely be more reading for you on the Alpha State of Mind.

The doorway to your Higher Self is by attaining the Alpha State of Mind. Meditation, self-hypnosis, creative visualization, etc., are various ways to attain the Alpha State. Nirmiti Nidra is a technique that can be learnt in just half a day and used to quickly attain the Alpha State.

In the Alpha State, you are deeply and completely relaxed, mentally and physically. Once you are in this state, gently and slowly place the fingers of any one hand over your heart chakra. Now, focus your attention on this area and observe the feelings in that area of your body. Feel how it feels to be completely relaxed. Take a mental note of everything that you can sense through your fingers and in that part of the body.

The very first time would be slightly difficult for most people who are not used to it or not sensitized enough. With practice, your awareness of your own body and the sensations within increase manifold. You are now ready to connect with your Higher Self.

Initially, get accustomed to the different sensations that emanate from that part of your being as you contemplate or imagine different things that you could be doing (good, bad, ugly). This will give you an understanding of how the sensations differ each time (it varies from individual to individual) and be a guide in future towards decisions you wish to take. Simply come back to Alpha and check your sensations – they are the best guide whether a decision you intend to take is in your best interests or not. Your body and your feelings just cannot lie to you!

After a couple of weeks or more of practice, once you are accustomed to becoming more aware of your feelings and sensations, concomitantly developing your intuitive skills, you are ready to ask questions of your Higher Self. The very first answer that comes to your mind after you have asked a question is your Higher Self. Any subsequent statements or doubts that crop up is generally your normal mind work – your intellectual mind or your ego.

Begin with simple questions and take note of the answers that come to you. Note the very first answer that suddenly pops up into your mind and ignore all the subsequent ones. Trust your Higher Self and if you wish, observe your immediate future whether the answers were helpful to you, were in your best interests and whether they guided you to your advantage. You will be overjoyed when your experience turns out to be a beautiful one indeed!

Have no expectations on the outcome because expectations emanating from a conscious mind can, as you know quite well, lead to disappointments when the outcomes are not as you have ’wished’ them to be. Do not over-complicate the process, do not ask more than one question at a time and do remember to ignore all answers except the first one that crops up.

Take time out, enjoy the experience and stay blessed. Do remember to come back to this new blog and share your experiences with others too!

How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth? ~ Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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