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A Life Altering Short Daily Exercise – Part 1

The tool that participants in my workshop are equipped with, apart from a deep understanding of their own subconscious mind, is an amalgamation of NLP and hypnosis. As with any tool (or skill), practice makes it perfect. Programming in the workshop makes it easier for the participants, yet nothing can substitute for persistence and regular practice to develop the neuropathway and inculcate a habit. Once they have learnt an easy, effortless way to access their subconscious mind, the participants can use this state of mind to re-program themselves, alter limiting beliefs and create inner changes in thoughts, emotions and behaviours.

This article is largely for those who have never attended my workshop, but are still searching for a tool that can help. It is also for those who have attended my workshop, but never got around to practicing with any degree of regularity.

Self-hypnosis is a proven method of deep relaxation that

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is used for creating inner changes in our thoughts, emotions and behaviours, through conscious autosuggestion. In most cases, self-hypnosis is a self-induced state of deep relaxation attained by either listening to a recording or by bringing yourself into a trance.

It is fairly easy to learn self-hypnosis and yet, if you try too hard, you defeat the entire purpose of hypnosis. The whole premise of a relaxed state of mind is to let your subconscious prevail whereas you limit the activities of your conscious mind. Forcing something to happen only makes you tense and will jerk you out of the relaxed state. Even as you practice, be gentle and loving with yourself, no force or effort is required, let the hypnotic state develop by itself.

Do NOT attempt to analyze what is happening with you, as you perform the actions that are stated below. Analyzing is a conscious activity which will take your mind back into a beta brainwave state from the desired alpha state of mind. Just allow yourself to relax. Do not get discouraged or think nothing is happening if you don’t feel much change at first or if progress appears to be slow. After some practise you will find entering a state of self-induced trance become easy and natural as you teach your body and mind to relax. This is also the case with participants who learn the Nirmiti Nidra technique in my workshops. Progress appears to be slow and the feeling when they practice on themselves initially is never the same as their experience in the workshop under the eyes of a trained hypnotherapist; however when they continue to persist and practice regularly, they realize they can enter the alpha state of mind – effortlessly.

The other aspect you need to know and remember is that no two people experience an altered state of mind in exactly the same manner. Therefore, never compare your experience to that of another!

Whereas Nirmiti Nidra only requires 3-5 minutes per session to practice each day, for the exercise below, you will need to gift yourself at least 15 to 30 minutes each day. Find a place that is ideal for you – where you will not be distracted by external noise or people around you. Switch off your phone and all other electronic gadgets. You can practice this, either sitting down or lying down. A few of you may tend to fall asleep initially; if that is the case, then practice at an earlier hour when you are fresh and not fatigued or practice sitting in an upright chair (straight-backed).

Eventually, you will be surprised that you do not actually fall asleep during self-hypnosis although you will enter into an extremely relaxed state of mind.

Before you begin the self-hypnotic session, set an intention as to what you would like to achieve or transform internally within yourself? Do you seek more confidence? Are you endeavouring to get over limiting beliefs? Create an affirmation that you will use as an autosuggestion, i.e. a post-hypnotic suggestion – this is a strong message that you convey to your subconscious mind which will willingly accept it. The various states of our mind and the gateway to our subconscious is explained in this post. Ensure you subscribe to this blog and become a member of my site (it is free), so that you receive regular updates on affirmations. In a subsequent post, I will be writing about affirmation techniques that no one every told you about, the 7Ps of affirmations (used as autosuggestions), and loads of other stuff that you will love to read about. All in bite-sized capsules.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this article which outlines the brief life-altering exercise you can easily practice at home or anywhere else.

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